1. Hydraulic TrainerOur hydraulic trainer is designed based on the course book for hydraulic transmission.This hydraulic experiment training equipment integrates the technologies of hydraulic transmission, relay control, PLC automatic control, sensor application, principle computer configuration control and data acquisition.
    1. PLC TrainerOur transparent PLC experiment training equipment has service life longer than 10 years.
      The valve bodies are all made of anti-corrosion, anti-wear and non-discoloring synthetic glass.
      This PLC trainer is economical and practical hydraulic experiment training equipment having excellent demonstration effects.
    1. Pneumatic TrainerOur pneumatic trainer adopts modularized structure design. Thus it is easy to conduct pneumatic transmission experiment on this experiment platform.
      This pneumatic experiment training platform is equipped with easy-mounting base plate. The experimenter can build all kinds of experimental circuits on general aluminum alloy sheet at will.
    1. Heavy Machinery Simulation TrainerThis hydraulic loader simulation training model is new comprehensive experiment equipment which can guide students to think actively and create new designs. It is helpful to cultivate students' comprehensive design ability and practical operation ability.
    1. Electro-Hydraulic TrainerOur JL-YF-A electro-hydraulic trainer is an experiment platform specially designed for servo valve application and testing. It is not only suitable for building fundamental hydraulic circuits but also suitable for conducting high-precision servo hydraulic valve performance testing.
    1. Hydraulic Installation and Test TrainerThis is an integral application device which simulates the practical production line. With the help of our hydraulic training device, students will have better understanding about the theoretical knowledge on hydraulic system and master the key points in practical operation.

Training System

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Training platform| Experiment platform| Experiment training platform| Teaching apparatus