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Pneumatic Trainer

Pneumatic transmission demonstrative experiment is an important practice-based experiment in teaching and learning. Through this experiment, students can learn about pneumatic tools operation approaches and skills. In order to facilitate the conduction of the pneumatic transmission demonstrative experiment, our company developed the QDA-01 pneumatic trainer which is an experiment platform configured with pneumatic components. This experiment platform is mainly used for pneumatic transmission experiment demonstration and pneumatic transmission circuit assembling.

1. Our pneumatic trainer adopts modularized structure design. Thus it is easy to conduct pneumatic transmission experiment on this experiment platform.
2. This pneumatic experiment training platform is equipped with easy-mounting base plate. The experimenter can build all kinds of experimental circuits on general aluminum alloy sheet at will.
3. Thanks to the reliable and quick-mounting joints, it is easy to assemble and disassemble the experimental circuits. It helps both time and labor.
4. Standard industrial pneumatic components which are safe and reliable are applied in our pneumatic trainer.
5. Noiseless pneumatic working pump station of our pneumatic experiment training platform helps provide a quiet experiment environment with noise lower than 40db. Quiet experiment environment is beneficial to the health of teachers and students.

Technical Parameters of Noiseless pneumatic working pump station for Pneumatic Trainer
1. Power supply: One-phase; 220VAC±10%; 50Hz
2. System working pressure: 0.4-0.8Mpa
3. System power supply: One-phase; 220VAC±10%; 50Hz
4. Experiment platform dimension (mm): 1500×620×1680
5.Total weight: About 150kg

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