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PLC Trainer

Generally, common hydraulic experiment platform cannot show the interior structure of hydraulic component and the hydraulic circuits. To solve this problem and meet the teaching demand, we developed the TMY-01 PLC trainer based on our years of experience in hydraulic experiment platform design and production.

1. This PLC hydraulic experiment platform is made of transparent synthetic glass and adopts special red hydraulic oil. This design allows the students to see clearly how each hydraulic component works and to which directions the hydraulic oil flows when the hydraulic system is working. In this way, our PLC trainer not only helps students know about the whole process of hydraulic experiment engineering but also helps reduce the complicated explaining and demonstration done by the teachers.
2. Our transparent PLC experiment training equipment has service life longer than 10 years.
3. The valve bodies are all made of anti-corrosion, anti-wear and non-discoloring synthetic glass.
4. This PLC trainer is economical and practical hydraulic experiment training equipment having excellent demonstration effects.

If you are interested in our product, we can send you the use instructions and help you select proper experiment training equipment.

Experiment Training Content
1. Fundamental pressure control circuit
2. Speed control circuit
3. One-way synchronizing circuit
4. Direction control circuit
5. Sequeunt circuit
6. Locking circuit

Parameters of Hydraulic Power Pack
1. Power supply: AC220V; 50HZ
2. Power: 0.6kW
3. Motor: DC motor; Power: 400W; Revolving speed: 0~1400r/min
4. Oil tank nominal volume: 30L
5. Experiment platform dimension (mm): 1500×620×1680
6. Total weight: About 150kg

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