1. LG30-H Cold Pilger Mill

      Our product has high rolling precision and can achieve tube cross section reduction rate up to 85% and wall thickness deviation rectification rate to 75%.
      The finished tubes processed by our cold pilger mill are usually suitable for heat exchanger and automobiles.

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    1. LG50-H Cold Pilger MillThe side loading type cold pilger takes less space than the end loading one. The side material loading mode allows the operator to monitor the working condition of the mandrel so as to control quality of the inner wall of the finished tube.
    1. LG60-H Cold Pilger Mill

      This cold pilger mill adopts flywheel transmission system. The flywheel transmission system helps save energy and compensate for the inertia force and inertia moment generated by the reciprocating motion of the machine frame. In this way, balance of the whole rolling process is guaranteed.

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    1. LG90-H Cold Pilger MillThis cold rolling mill is suitable for the rolling processing of high precision ferrous and nonferrous metal seamless tubes whose diameters are in the range of 76~142mm.
      This LG90-H cold pilger mill can reduce pipes' diameter by 45~114mm.
    1. LG120-H Cold Pilger Mill

      The tube conveying system with rolls is easy to adjust and can keep the finished tubes along the rolling line so as to reduce the rotation and elongation resistance. Therefore, our cold pilger mill is suitable for processing medium or large diameter tubes.

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    1. LG220-H Cold Pilger MillWith power of 315kW and revolving speed of 1000rpm, our cold reduction mill has lower energy consumption and higher working efficiency compared with other similar products. With our product, you can save more time and more labor cost.
    1. LG325-H Cold Pilger Mill

      Tube conveying system with rolls applied in our cold pilger mill is easy to adjust and can keep the finished tubes along the rolling line. Thus, rotation and elongation resistance for the tubes is reduced. This structure makes our cold rolling mill suitable for processing large diameter tubes.

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    1. LG450-H Cold Pilger MillThe semi-open tube unloading channel in our machine facilitates output position adjustment and observation of the finished tubes.
      Conveying system with rolls applied in this tube rolling machine can guarantee the finished tubes stay along the rolling line so as to reduce rotation and elongation resistance of the tubes.
    1. Die for Cold Pilger MillThe dies are key components for a cold polger mill. A set of roll assembly mainly includes: 2 roller axles, 2 roll passes, 2 gears, 4 bearings, 4 bearing supports, 2 mandrels and other accessories.

Cold Pilger Mill

As a professional cold pilger mill manufacturer, our company adopts highly precise and computer aided manufacturing technologies to produce our products. PLC digital technology, drilling, shearing, milling and grinding technologies have been applied to our production to guarantee machining precision. The whole production process, including raw material purchasing, manufacturing, machining, packing and shipment, is strictly controlled to guarantee product quality.

We hope to make sure every cold pilger mill we produce will give full play to its design performance within its expiration period by virtue of our perfect product design, advanced manufacturing technology and considerate service. We can offer you not only the economical and practical cold rolling mill, but also the cost-effective highly automatic cold rolling mill.

1. High rolling precision. Our cold pilger mill can reduce tube wall to desired thickness and increase tube surface roughness at the same time.
2. Multi purpose. The cold reduction mill we offer is suitable for processing various kinds of tubes made of different materials for different purposes.
3. Labor cost reducing. Equipped with PLC automatic control system, our tube processing machine can work stably without manual operation. Therefore, labor cost for machine operation will be saved.