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Cold Pilger Mill

In resent years, large diameter seamless steel tubes have been more and more widely used in petroleum and natural gas pipelines. In order to meet the increasing market demand for large diameter cold rolled tubes, we developed the LG450-H cold pilger mill in 2007.

This cold rolling mill is suitable for rolling steel tubes with diameter range from 250 to 480mm. The finished tubes processed by our machines will have diameters ranging from 219 to 450mm.

1. This cold pilger mill is designed with side material loading mode. Such a material loading mode allows the operator to observe the working condition of the mandrel so as to control the inner wall quality of the finished tubes.
2. The semi-open tube unloading channel in our machine facilitates output position adjustment and observation of the finished tubes.
3. Conveying system with rolls applied in this tube rolling machine can guarantee the finished tubes stay along the rolling line so as to reduce rotation and elongation resistance of the tubes. Therefore, our cold pilger mill is quite suitable for processing large diameter tubes.
4. Designed with a dual cam structure, the rotation angel of our machine can be adjusted within a certain scope. This makes our cold reduction mill suitable for processing some special materials.
5. Thanks to the gear box, the secondary transmission shaft system can work in a line so as to help increase the transmission efficiency of the cardan shaft.
6. Finished product chuck is applied to our tube processing equipment to increase quality of the finished tubes.
7. The mill separator of our cold pilger mill is fastened by hydraulic nut. This makes the machine frame stable and helps reduce labor strength spent on machine installation.
8. Siemens S7 series PLC electrical system with touch screen has been employed in our pipe rolling machine. The electrical system can achieve human-machine interaction and has the function of fault display, alarming and self-diagnose.
9. This cold pilger mill is equipped with flywheel transmission system. The flywheel transmission system helps reduce energy consumption and can compensate for the inertia force and the inertia moment generated by the reciprocating motion of the machine frame. In this way, the whole rolling process will work stably.

Detailed Parameters

Order Item Parameter Unit
1 Hollow tube Outer diameter Ф250~Ф480 mm
Wall thickness 10~35 mm
Length ≤10000 mm
2 Finished tube Outer diameter Ф219 ~Ф450 mm
Wall thickness 6~28 mm
3 Maximum elongation coefficient Stainless steel≤3.2
4 Stroke length of machine frame 1208 mm
5 Stroke number of machine frame 20~50 Time/min
6 Rotation angle 41°~52° (Dual rotation)
7 Feeding amount 3~12 (Single feed) mm
8 Material loading mode Side loading
9 Diameter of the roll Ф928/Ф1128 mm
10 Main motor Model ZKSL560-2B
Power 950 kW
Revolving speed 820 rpm
Power supply DC380V
11 Overall dimension L×W×H ≈61000 ×9300 ×4000 mm
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