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As one of a major processing method for seamless tube production, cold rolling, usually completed by cold pilger mills, can be applied to improve the mechanical property and size precision of seamless tubes.

Compared with cold drawing, cold rolling offers better metal deformation conditions. In the process of cold rolling, every processing pass can provide large deformation capacity. Thus the cold rolling processing technology may take full advantage of metal plasticity to decrease processing pass number and simplify production procedure. In this way, consumption of metal, fuel, power and other auxiliary materials will be decreased at the same time.

The LG325-H cold pilger mill we produce is suitable to process heavy-caliber tube billets with diameters ranging from 195 to 365mm. Our product takes up over 70% market shares in China. A large numbers of customers are using our cold rolling machines to produce their tubes.

1. Our cold reduction mill adopts side-material loading mode. This material loading mode makes observation of the working condition of mandrel possible. It facilitates quality control of inner wall of the finished tubes.
2. Thanks to the semi-open tube unloading channel, it is easy to monitor the tube unloading condition and adjust the tube unloading position.
3. Tube conveying system with rolls applied in our cold pilger mill is easy to adjust and can keep the finished tubes along the rolling line. Thus, rotation and elongation resistance for the tubes is reduced. This structure makes our cold rolling mill suitable for processing large diameter tubes.
4. Dual cam structure allows the rotation angel to be adjusted within a certain range. This makes our pipe processing equipment suitable for accomplishing some special processing procedures.
5. Gear adjusting box has been configured to the secondary transmission shaft system, so that the transmission shaft system can work in a line. In this way, transmission efficiency of the cardan shaft is greatly increased.
6. Our cold pilger mill adopts finished tube chuck to help increase quality of the finished products.
7. Hydraulic nuts have been applied to fasten the mill separator. This guarantees that the machine frame can be firmly fixed and helps reduce labor strength spent on machine installation at the same time.
8. Siemens S7 series PLC control system with touch screen has been applied to our cold pilger mill. The PLC control system can achieve man-machine interaction and has the functions of fault display, alarming and self-diagnose.
9. The transmission system adopts flywheel mechanism which can save and conserve energy. Such a transmission system can compensate for the inertia force and the inertia moment generated in the reciprocating motion of the machine frame so as to guarantee the whole rolling process goes smoothly.
10. Pneumatic clutch has been applied to our cold pilger mill to avoid frequent starting and stopping of the machine. This not only protects the electric motor, but also stabilizes the power grid.

Why choose Yongdeli LG325-H cold pilger mill?

Detailed Parameters

Order Item Parameter Unit
1 Hollow tube Outer diameter Ф195~Ф365 mm
Wall thickness 6~32 mm
Length ≤10000 mm
2 Finished tube Outer diameter Ф168~Ф325 mm
Wall thickness 4~28 mm
3 Maximum elongation coefficient Stainless steel≤3.5
4 Stroke length of machine frame 1155 mm
5 Stroke number of machine frame 20~50 Time/min
6 Rotation angle 41°~52° (Dual rotation)
7 Feeding amount 2~12 (Single feed) mm
8 Material loading mode Side loading
9 Diameter of the roll Ф838/ Ф680 mm
10 Main motor Model Z500-2A
Power 670 kW
Revolving speed 760 rpm
Power supply DC380V
11 Overall dimension L×W×H ≈59600×8620×4000 mm
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