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Hydraulic Installation and Test Trainer

Our ZAT-1 hydraulic installation and test trainer is a comprehensive experiment platform integrating hydraulic circuit application, pneumatic circuit application and PLC programming electrical application. This is an integral application device which simulates the practical production line. With the help of our hydraulic training device, students will have better understanding about the theoretical knowledge on hydraulic system and master the key points in practical operation.

Experiment Items the Hydraulic Installation and Test Trainer can Accomplish
1. Hydraulic components installation
2. Hydraulic circuit installation, dismounting and replacing
3. Hydraulic circuit system debugging practical training
4. Hydraulic system pipeline production training
5. Hydraulic system knowledge learning and practical training
6. Hydraulic system failure testing and maintenance

Main Technical Parameters
1. Power supply: National standard industrial power supply--- AC380V, 50HZ, three-phase five-wire system
2. Control voltage: Safe control voltage-- DC24V
3. Operating environment condition: Moisture proof and dust proof
4. Gross power: ≤3kW
5. Machine dimension: 1535×805×980

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