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Electro-Hydraulic Trainer

Our JL-YF-A electro-hydraulic trainer is an experiment platform specially designed for servo valve application and testing. It is not only suitable for building fundamental hydraulic circuits but also suitable for conducting high-precision servo hydraulic valve performance testing.

This electro-hydraulic experiment platform is mainly composed of the workbench, hydraulic power pack, common hydraulic components, testing sensing transmitter, electrical control unit, data acquisition system and personal computer.

Our electro-hydraulic trainer is designed to meet the teaching requirement in the course of hydraulic servo system. Through the experiment of electro-hydraulic servo system conducted on our experiment training platform, we aim to help the students know about the electro-hydraulic servo system, master its performance test methods and frequency characteristic experimental analysis methods. Our electro-hydraulic experiment training equipment can also help students understand the response characteristics of the electro-hydraulic servo control system (open-loop, closed-loop) to sinusoidal input and step input signals so that they can gain better comprehension of feedback control.

Experiment items can be conducted with the electro-hydraulic trainer
1. Electro-hydraulic position servo control system performance test
2. Electro-hydraulic servo system frequency (sinusoidal wave, triangular wave, square wave signals) control test
3. Electro-hydraulic servo system step response test
4. Test to main static performance of electro-hydraulic servo valve, namely, unloaded flow characteristic test and pressure gain characteristic test
5. Position closed-loop control experiment for electro-hydraulic servo valve

Main Technical Parameters
1. Power supply: National standard industrial power supply---AC380V, 50HZ, three-phase five-wire
2. Control voltage: Safe control voltage---DC24V
3. Operating environment condition: Moisture proof and dust proof
4. Gross power: ≤3kW
5. Safe operating pressure: ≤6.3Mpa
6. Main experiment platform dimension: About 3000mm×950mm×1140mm

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