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Heavy Machinery Simulation Trainer

Hydraulic loader, which is important equipment for mechanical engineering, is widely used in engineering construction, water conservancy project, earthwork construction and mining operation. As mobile machinery, a hydraulic loader is usually used to transport, pile up, lift, load and unload the earth. Our heavy machinery simulation trainer for hydraulic loader has the features of small size, light weight and easy operation. In addition, it also supports remote operation. This hydraulic loader simulation training model is new comprehensive experiment equipment which can guide students to think actively and create new designs. It is helpful to cultivate students' comprehensive design ability and practical operation ability.

Main Technical Parameters of Heavy Machinery Simulation Trainer
1. Motor: 1.5kW; 1500r/min
2. Power supply: Three-phrase five-wire; 380V; 50Hz
3. Variable vane pump: Model: VPV1-08; Rated flow: 8ml/r
4. Rated pressure: 7Mpa

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