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Hydraulic Trainer

Our hydraulic trainer is designed based on the course book for hydraulic transmission. This hydraulic experiment training equipment integrates the technologies of hydraulic transmission, relay control, PLC automatic control, sensor application, principle computer configuration control and data acquisition. Our experiment platform is greatly open, comprehensive and extendable, so that it allows the operator to accomplish electrical design, hydraulic system building and principal computer control. Hence, this hydraulic experiment training platform is quite suitable for hydraulic transmission technology practical training and operation skill examination.

Our hydraulic trainer has the function of curve printing, data report form printing and sensor parameter setting. These functions may help teachers and students gain better understanding of the theory of hydraulic transmission system and master the practical operation skills. Based on the practical data and test result in the experiment, teachers and students can analyze the problems during the operation process and work out solutions. In this way, students' practical skills will be improved.

Experiment Content Conducted by the Hydraulic Trainer
1. Fluid resistance property test
2. Common hydraulic component performance test
3. Hydraulic transmission elementary circuit test

Data Acquisition System
Our hydraulic trainer is configured with a set of data collection systems which can achieve intelligent data collection, analysis, processing and real-time monitoring. This data acquisition system is composed of Advantech 12-digit, 32-pass AD card as data acquisition card, high-precision pressure sensing transmitter and turbo flow sensor. During operation, the data acquisition software will collect the signals output by the sensors, draw the related curve graph and generate real-time data report.

Main Technical Parameters
1. Power supply: AC380V, 50HZ
2. Power: 2kW
3. Variable hydraulic pump pack: Variable vane pump nominal displacement: 6.67ml/r; Rated pressure: 6Mpa; Motor: 1.5KW; Oil tank nominal volume: 60L
4. Hydraulic system testing sensor: pressure, flow, power, temperature, displacement, rotate speed
5. Programmable logic controller (PLC): Different types of PLCs can be configured to our hydraulic experiment training platform according to practical needs.
6. Data acquisition system
7. Overall dimension (mm): 2330×620×1680
8. Machine weight: 220kg

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