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Flexible Manufacturing System for Integral Training

Designing Background
1. Designed based on the flexible automatic machining line, our flexible manufacturing system for integral triaging integrates raw material flexibility, processing method flexibility, clamp flexibility and storage flexibility.
2. This is a comprehensive practical training system consists of automatic processing technology, automatic sorting and storage technology, automatic positioning transportation, automatic inspection technology, industrial network, manufacturing execution system, principle computer control platform and CADCAM design platform.
3. We develop this flexible manufacturing training system on the basis of integration of existing technologies and equipment. Combining each reliable equipment unit together, we create this innovative and advanced flexible manufacturing system used for integral training.
4. Our flexible manufacturing training system is designed both industrial and educational. It takes students involvement into consideration to make the teaching activity feasible and practical.
5. When designing this training system, we aim to build a large system and provide a solution of laboratory digitalized flexible manufacturing system which has high integrity, high openness and complete functions.
6. The equipment units in our integral training flexible production system cover all kinds of widely used control technologies and cutting-edge special processing technologies. The advanced and complete equipment units make this flexible manufacturing system a research platform integrating optic, mechanical, electrical and pneumatic technologies.

Small size and Light weight

This flexible manufacturing training system is developed based on flexible production system application case in large enterprise and it is a scaled-down real flexible production line. This design makes our product suitable for college teaching application.

Transparent and Real
Transparent baffle boards have been applied to our flexible manufacturing system to allow the students to see clearly the working condition of each component. All the components in this flexible manufacturing training system are real industrial machines which are smaller in size.

Diversified and Intelligent
This is a diversified and intelligent training system covers many fields such as machinery, electrical control and software management. Such a diversified training system may help students master their multiple courses comprehensively.

Typified and Modularized
The equipment assembled in our integral training flexible production system is typical equipment widely used in industrial production site. Single-machine module and multi-machine module are combined together to make up our flexible production training system complete. With modularized structure, our flexible processing system helps simplify teaching steps and is easy for students to operate.

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